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in 1994, hip fung was established to start serving a few companies for simple electronic products. in the beginning, we operated in a factory of 5,000 square meter in pinghu, shenzhen, the city being recognized as a world hub for electronics manufacturing. since then, the company has been growing from strength to strength and extending its facilities and technologies.

to meet growing business needs, we have expanded our production centre in pinghu to 7 factory buildings of 30,000 square meters in total. today, hip fung is manufacturing high-technology products for some of the leading multinationals in the ems industry. we provide electronic manufacturing services on a consignment or full-turnkey-contract basis to our customers in different market sectors. we offer our customers value-added benefits in terms of cost savings, quality control, and shorter lead time. our exclusive service allows us to strengthen the strategic relationship with our customers in north america, europe, japan and asia.

with hip fung well managed factory and logistics as well as quality assurance, we are able to provide high quality products to our customers in switching power supply, telecommunication and wireless devices, office automation devices, industrial appliances, home appliances, and medical appliances for a decade. hip fung has profound experience in managing projects for mid-to-low volume, and higher-complexity products. flexibility, efficiency, and innovative in production are our strength. hip fung strives to be your manufacturing solutions partner to assist you in achieving success in your business.
we have stood the test of time with persistent performance for over a decade and continued to foster strategic relationship with our existing customers with whom we grow and excel together.

our management's philosophy is that success comes from unwavering commitment to customers, state-of-the-art technology, and uncompromised quality assurance. we saw this policy served the company well in the past. it has brought us to rise in recognition and success today, and we believe that it will continue to carry us through from strength to strength in the future. our core value is to serve our customers well and where it is practicably possible, exceed their expectations.

changes inevitably take place every year in china to follow the administrative and economic policies of the government. to cope with the rapid development in the ems industry, challenges from business environment, we have established additional production facilities in chenzhou, hunan province.